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Our Story

Since it's launch, Lift has been a brand leader in the instant flavour tea market and is available in a range of delicious flavours including Original Lemon, Lemon Reduced Sweetness and Peach.


Lift is a refreshing, fruity alternative to other beverages and is super convenient, being both hot and cold water soluble. Whether you enjoy as a warming Winter fruit tea or as a refreshing Summer iced tea, our drinks will always live up to our standards of great taste.

Each of the Lift instant teas is made with soluble solids of tea i.e. what dissolves into your cup from a teabag! So, they do contain some caffeine. We then add the fruity goodness of lemons or peaches, and a pinch of sweetness so that you can enjoy the same up-Lifting experience with every cup.


Enjoyed Hot or Cold

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