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Lift Lemon 1.jpg
Instant Lemon Flavour Tea

Our classic Lemon flavour tea is a favourite for many. Enjoyed hot or cold, this refreshing beverage excites the tastebuds with a combination of sweet and citrus flavours.

Instant Lemon Reduced Sweetness

Our Reduced Sweetness variety is perfect for those who prefer more of a lemony zing, with less sweetness. And this one is only 24 calories per serving!

Lift Lemon Reduced Sweetness 1.jpg
Lift Peach 1.jpg
Instant Peach Flavour Tea

Lift Peach is another classic flavour that can be enjoyed any time of year. As all Lift teas are soluble in cold water, you can easily mix over ice and enjoy as a refreshing peach iced tea. Or, why not try mixing it up into an iced tea cocktail recipe?

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